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Wilhelm Bruhn was the inventer of the Taxi Meter in 1891 Wilhelm Bruhn Taximeter inventor

 History of the Taxi Meter


Bruhn is actually a German born innovator who actually created the taxi-meter in 1891 in which people could ride to surrounding suburbs for the fare determined by a meter that calculated by distance or kilometer and charged a mileage fee. Consequently you see, the “taxicab” was named after the taximeter.

When, taximeters ended up in the beginning located outside of the taxicab over and above driver’s side front wheel. Next, itt was soon placed {inside the|in the} taxi cab relating to exactly where modern-day electronic digital taximeters are now located.

Presently, modern-day taximeters now are installed together with Gps navigation systems, radios that provide swift  drive to dispatcher communication and  bring in money in your wallet all you have to do is swipe away.(1)


There are only two types of meters to consider when buying a Fare   meter for your Taxi.  Taximeters and Toplights recomends Centrodyne and Pulsar Meters when considering a purchase of a TaxiMeter

Centrodyne: Centrodyne Corporation of the usa in Southern Burlington, VT is actually a privately owned corporation classified under Testing Equipment for Electronic and Electric Measurement. It was established in 1974 and incorporated in Vermont.


Pulsar TechnologySystems Inc : Pulsar Technology Systems Inc in Long Island City, NY is actually a private company classified within Instrs-Measuring/ testing Elec Suppliers. It was established in 1980 and incorporated in New York .


(1)( for the information source.


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