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Taximeters-n-toplights has the perfect taxi meter for your cab company. You'll always get fre shipping and programming with each purchase Get Free shipping & programming on taxi meters
Our Taxi Top Lights are made inthe USA so you can always expect  a quality lit at a fair price with no additional shipping charges, Save 30% on a top light when you buy a meter and top light combo
Our Taxi Ad Carriers are High Quality  and made in the USA. Save Money On Shipping when you Buy 2 or more Ad Carriers

                                                     Free Shipping on Taxi Meters & Top Lights

We do more that sell just taxi equipment. Our firm has 12 years of experience in the Taxi Industry as a fleet owner and driver. Our experience is what you can rely on when helping you to make any decisions about taxi supplies. We always have the most cost effective approach to getting the taxi meter, top light or marketing services you need for your taxi company. Taximeter-n-Toplights is the only supplier of taxi equipment that offers financing thru PayPal. Shopping for equipment for your cab company just on price may not be the best approach to meeting your equipment needs. Consider our experience, marketing services and follow up after the sale, when making you equipment choices.


We have Taxi meters for sale at the most competitive prices. We carry Centrodyne and Pulsar Meters. All of our meters come with a 5 year extended warranty and you’ll always get free Programing and Shipping. 

Be sure to have a look at our quality tax top lights. These are quality lights made in the USA. You can save 30% on our screw mount top lights when you buy any meter. 


The Taxi Industry has changed so much with the advent of taxi apps. Every firm needs to have a marketing plan. It must be actionable, get results and be able to be measured. If you’re considering starting a taxi company, our firm has two really good  taxi marketing plans that are professionally managed and will get you results. Marketing your business is a daily process that must be watched and tweaked to deliver a consistent revenue stream to keep you company profitable. Ask our customer service agent for more information.



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