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Taxi Equipment Needed for Startng a Taxi Company

Convenience, comfort & affordable fares are the main reasons behind the alarming rise in the market value of taxi business. Every now & then, people are looking for opportunities to start a taxi company in their city. If you are one of them, then you are on the right page as this article will help you in understanding the basic equipment for your business. Initially, to start a taxi company may seem to be quite expensive in terms of investment as you need to spend a grand to set up this business & later to manage the firm on a whole.

But it needs a good eye of analyzing certain context so that you make a good profit in a long run & the context includes: location, where you want to set up the company & need of the taxi service in that area. These serve as the prerequisite for starting a taxi service as well as the deciding point in hiring the right drivers for the cab company. Now coming to the point where you need to decide on the purchase of different types of equipment, here are some basic ones which serve as prerequisite for Starting a Taxi Business

  • Choice of Cars:

The cars are the prerequisite of starting a taxi firm & in addition to being dependable, with clean & attractive look, the cars should have good seating capacity plus the maintenance shouldn’t be an issue in a long run. Here you have two options; either to buy new set of cars or purchase some used vehicles but don’t go for small cars. No doubt that in both the cases, you need to paint them, or have the company logo attached to identify your taxi company, the popularity of the cars is also important. It is better to do some research on the most popular cars in the market for taxi companies before purchasing one.


  • Taxi meter:

Taxi meter is one of the primary requirements of working taxis. Each cab must have a well-programmed taxi meter (installed) & approved by the local Department of Weights and Measures. There are a variety of taxicab meters available in the market, such as Centrodyne c620, Centrodyne s700, pulsar Puls2030 & pulsar P2030R etc. But Centrodyne s700 is a universal type with extraordinary features not available with any other meter & this makes it the bestselling taxi meter. For instance, this meter allows you to get a record of each individual trip for the last 250 trips a driver has made.


  • A Communication System:

A radio system or cell phone communications system is required so that the drivers can remain in contact with the dispatchers and vice versa. The cost will depend on the type of Taxi Company you want to set up- small or a large firm.

Moreover, you will need top lights for your taxis to help the customers more easily identify the cabs, GPS Navigation system if you are looking to start a taxi company, hiring the right drivers, & a good marketing plan for your new company to succeed.


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