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Credit Card Processing for Taxi Cabs

With the introduction of new payment solutions for the taxi,  the taxicab industry is taking a new turn. These payment solutions will improve the convenience for ride of the customer as well as the efficient collection of payments of the taxi business. One such payment mode is credit card processing for taxi cabs and taxi drivers. This will provide convenience to the customer as he can ride a cab without carrying cash or looking for an ATM. On the other hand, the taxi fleet won’t face any loss in terms of money since everything will be digitized & they will be have a record of every transaction for each cab. There are number of ways in which this payment mode can be implemented:



Credit Card processing for Taxi Cabs and Taxi Drivers




  • Credit card machines for taxi cabs and taxi drivers can either rent or purchase a credit card machine which performs the transaction in an easy manner. In this payment solution for taxis, the customer has to present the credit card to the driver, who swipes it across the machine, followed by the credit card security code that is required to complete the transaction.

  • Online Taxi Booking: This is one of the simplest ways to book a taxi & pay the fare in advance via credit card processing for taxi cabs. In this mode, the customer can book the cab on the official site of the taxi service provider as per his convenience.

  • Using Android App: The new trend in the payment solutions for taxis is the use of android phone apps. There are number of Apps available that give the customer an option to pay the fare through processing their credit card

The credit card processing for taxi cabs also provides an option to pay the tip to the drivers, as most of them automatically calculate 10% or 20% of the fare. The customer can either indicate the amount of tip or pay it in cash, leaving the tip off of the credit card. But with the advancement in technology, the use of credit card processing for taxi cabs is the most convenient ways for customers to purchase taxi services. You don't have to worrie about your credit card information as taxi fleets are implementing different measures to keep your credit card information PCI compliant so your information will always be safe and secure.





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