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Credit Card Processing for Taxicabs


Advancement in technology has paved the way for improvement in the taxi industry by simplifying the payment mode & making it easy for both the passenger & the taxi driver to have a comfortable & secure ride. One such advancement is introduction of credit card processing for taxi cabs & taxi drivers. With the progress in almost every sector of society, the use of cash to make any sort payment or financial transaction has become an out-dated concept. The same thing applies to taxi industry where credit card processing has become one of the best payment solutions for selling taxi services to consumers. Whether you own a large taxi firm or a small start-up business, has a number of payment  taxicab payment solution for your firm.



Here are a few taxicab Credit Card processing solutions




  1. Mobile credit card processing: If the passenger has a smartphone with internet access then he can use this method which involves connecting him to the virtual terminal of the cab company. If you want to begin Mobile credit card processing for taxi cabs & taxi drivers, then we can help you get a virtual terminal. Not only it helps in customer retention but also plays an important role in increasing the sales of the company by speeding up the payment process via wireless credit card processing method.


  1. Credit card processing with preferred merchant services: All you need is to set up your account with “Preferred Merchant Services” & you can get access to number of solutions like: Credit Card Machines for Taxi Cabs and Taxi Drivers. There is “No Cost equipment” as well as excellent staff is there to help you establish and maintain your Merchant services account. The best feature of this mode is that they have the fastest card processing system & their payment processors are capital bank card doing 7 billion yearly in credit card transactions.


  1. Credit card processing with Taxi pass: This Credit card processing system allows you to accept the customers credit card but reverses credit card processing fees. For instance, the driver gets all the money from the fare after the customer pays a small processing fee for using their card. It has become the best payment mode for drivers as the processing fee is paid by the passenger.


If you are looking for the best payment solution for your taxi company, you can contact today so that our team can guide you the best by understanding the nature of your business. Choose the most appropriate credit card processing option for your taxi business!!




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