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Taxi Meters- How do they work?

This is a state of the art Electronic taxi meter the Centrodyne 700 Taxi Meter. If you need a Taxi Meter for your cab company , we have the best prices on Electronic Taxi meters

simple words, a taxi meter converts the distance & time measurements into fare; where the taxi fare varies from city to city. For instance, the taxi ride in one city can cost you more compared to the ride of same distance in another city with different set of rules for taxi fare calculation. All these rules are programmed into the taxi meter during its installation. However, there are number of points which count to an increase or decrease in the fare such as: number of people hailing the taxi, traffic, condition of taxi meter etc. In metro cities, the traffic conditions are such that people prefer to go on fixed price basis rather than following a taxi meter price system. The reason being that taxi drivers try to take long routes to get more money from the fare but this scam works only with those who are unfamiliar with the working of the taxi meter & fare codes followed in the city. Even if you are not completely aware of this information, you can try to behave in a manner as if you know everything; so that driver can’t take any step to charge you more via any means.

Taxi meters are a way to provide a sense of security to both the passenger & driver. Every person should pay full attention to the taxi meter as well have some knowledge of the fare codes of the city before hailing a cab


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