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The Top Four Taxi Meters on the Market

If you are looking for an opportunity to start your own taxi business, then there are number of variables that you need to check before buying different taxi equipment. One such equipment is taxi meter which defines the cab as working by calculating the fare. In fact, taximeters act as a deciding point for the passengers whether they want to hail your cab or not; the reason being they want to be sure that they pay the exact fare, nothing more or less & this assurance is provided by the well-equipped Taxi meter.


     Choosing the Right Taximeter for your Cab company


There are number of taximeters available in the market varying in their characteristics. The best way to choose one is to compare thet taxi meters in terms of price & other attributes. At present, four taximeters are on the top of the list with Centrodyne s700 being the most preferred one. Let us discuss all the four meters in detail-

  1. Pulsar 2030 Taxi Meter: It has no comparison in terms of its cutting edge design & price. It can be connected to your mobile phone information port, taxi’s GPS navigation device & World Wide Web. It is easy to setup as it comes with a functionality that involves ready to install feature & doesn’t need to be opened for installation purpose. Moreover, the rates can be adjusted with the push of a button.


  1. Pulsar 2030R Taxi Meter: It has almost same set of features as present in the above taxi meter. What makes it different is its compatibility to connect to credit card processing swipe; built in thermal receipt printer that uses 38mm thermal pager. Moreover, the installation process is quite easy & there is no need to open it in any scenario. One of the best features of this meter is that it supports Multiple Rate programing besides rate adjustments with the push of a button.


  1. Centrodyne 620: It has its own built in thermal printer & can be programmed with Centrodyne’s proprietary firmware "Ease-Link" to have simple and easy user interface with many computerized taxi dispatch systems. Like the above two meters, it supports GPS devices and an optional credit card processing swipe.
  2. Centrodyne S700 Taxi Meter: It is one of the most preferred taxi meters which are entirely simple to customize. It has a six push button user interface, a considerably a lot more vibrant display that adjusts to day/night changeable intensity level, entirely on one single PCB, presented for sale inside a slender custom protective case. This extraordinary taximeter with new design and style, & features like add/subtract extras, communication via Bluetooth, USB or RS232, Calibration Check, Web Based updates, rate changes & Flat rate entry make it the first choice of taxi firms.


In a nutshell, electronic programming taxi meters like Centrodyne S700 Taxi Meter could prove to be the product of the year with their brilliant feature set & out of box functionality.














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