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To accomodate our customers' busy schedules, we have extended our hours and are now open later. 8 am to 7pm Monday Thru Friday


Taxi App for your company- Free




  As the pedestrian steps to the street curb he yells” Taxi” just like in the movies. The driver pulls right over and picks up the customer hailing your cab right? Not even right! If your customer needs a cab there’s a good chance they will call one from your smart phone. So why have them dial a phone number when your cab can be summoned from their phone.

   Tap your taxi is a
Taxi app for Android and I Phones that help your customer find the nearest taxi to their location. Just view the screen tap the Icon and the closest taxi will be summoned via GPS technology. Taxi apps increase your revenue save you customers time when they have a taxi. So remember, Tap your Taxi instead of having you customer call in on a dispatch line to get a cab.





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